The MISTR community,

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. Our response to this situation will be led by two guiding principles: putting our people first and ensuring our company’s overall capabilities to best serve our clients. In accordance with Public Health England guidance, our objectives are to reduce transmission, protect people with the highest risk, and maintain operations. While our HQ teams are working remotely, please be assured that our distributions centres are operating in line with NHS and government direction through heightened hygiene practices and extensively reduced travel policies:

Extensive Cleaning:
All distribution centres have been provided with additional preventative supplies to help maintain a healthy workplace. Equipment and common spaces are being regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Employee Guidance:
All employees are adhering to government guidance on COVID-19 preventative practices.

Order handling:
The safety of our customers is paramount. We are following all government recommendations on the safe handling of goods to ensure neither our staff or customers are placed at risk.
At MISTR we believe optimism and the ability to adapt are key in these uncertain times and as the World Health Organisation stated; “We are all in this together”. We plan to get creative and continue to update our channels in the hope of bringing some ease and inspiration in tricky times. We hope you will join us in continuing to stay connected and perhaps we will find that social distancing can bring us closer together in new ways.

Visit us on our social channels and keep an eye on our emails and our blog updates for more.

Stay well and take care of each other.
The MISTR Team